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Using Digital Paper with Transparency Sheets and Foil Posted on 23 Jul 11:00 , 16 comments

Hi everyone!  This is Darrel from and I'm super-excited to share my first project as a member of Melody Lane's Design Team.

This is a quick and easy project that is completely customizable, so it can be a versatile gift for any occasion or just a piece of fun decor.







1) Print digital paper on transparency sheet

2) Cut transparency to fit frame

3) Make a foil ball

4) Unroll the foil ball

5) Place transparency sheet on top of foil and roll with brayer

6) Cut foil to size and wrap around photo mat or chipboard

7) Layer the transparency and foil pieces

Now that you have the background complete, it's up to you to create something for the front!

Finishing Notes

For my front, I chose to use some foiled text on an additional sheet of transparency, but found the text displayed best with a piece of vellum behind it.

In the video, you can see the difference between using a darker, monochromatic background like the Amy paper I show in the video versus a more rich and vividly colored image, like the Jenny digital paper set provides.

There is no need to glue the transparency to foil as the layers of the assembled frame will keep things in place.  This makes it easy to swap designs if you want to freshen up a look!

The effect is best achieved when the foil is tightly pressed against the transparency, which the rear panel of the frame does quite well on its own. Try using additional pieces of cardstock or chipboard to shim things more tightly, if necessary.

I tried using some glossy Mod Podge to bond the transparency to the foil and it decreased the reflective bling of this technique, so I don't recommend it.

Share With Us

If you create a variation of this project, please share a link to a photo in the comments below.  The MLD Design Team and other readers love to see your creations, too!

Not sure about this whole digital paper thing? Click here to download some of Melody Lane's digital paper for free and try it out for yourself!